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We turn ideas
into brand names

Be bold, stand out.
We helped over 800 founders just last year.

We create names
that stand out from the crowd. Beautiful and catchy names that stick and tickle your imagination.

• We are naming experts
We name companies and products every day. We love it and we're good at it. Our main goal is to give companies and products a name that works. A name that people remember, a name that sells.

• Stand out from the crowd
We create catchy, unique, powerful and imaginative names. But most important of all: memorable names. If your brand name sticks, you're halfway there.
• Named in just 48 hours
We name your company or product in 48 hours. It only takes 3 minutes of your time to explain us what you're up to, and we'll take care of your brand name.

• We can help anyone
Whether you're a start-up in need of a brand name, an established business that wants a name change, or have a product that's still unnamed, we are here to help.


"It's a great service. There is a team of dedicated branding experts at work to find you the best possible business name."

Aurelien Deleusière, France
Founder of Vinkle wines

"We were stuck trying to find a name for our business so we decided to try Brands are Boring. We did not regret it. We received some really great name ideas and eventually decided to pick Pantone Pops, which perfectly fits our colorful branding. They offer a great, easy-to-use and very affordable service. We highly recommend them!"

Jonas Gāo, New York
Founder of Pantone Pops

Our naming service in action

Let us give you an example of our naming service.

What can you expect from us?
These are some names we considered to use for our own naming agency.

Exotic species

We almost ended up with this name for our branding studio. It's a unique name and easy to turn into a brand.

Also, it fits what we do perfectly: we only create extraordinary brand names, no ordinary brand name ideas to be expected from us. We create exotic species.

Nocturnal minds

This refers to us always being "ON", even when we sleep. We brainstorm about potentially great brand names at any time of the day. Our minds never stop spinning, no matter what time of the day.

Creative people have a hard time falling asleep, the best ideas come at night. Nocturnal minds.

Unnamed Studio

This perfectly describes what we do, we give unnamed companies and products a name! All the companies and products of our clients are basically unnamed. It's up to us to find them a good one.

This was one of our favorites because it instantly describes what we do and it has a nice ring to it.


Every brand name is basically a bunch of letters thrown together, the ampersand stands for the numbers and symbols that might accompany the letters. It keeps things in perspective.

Starting the name with the ampersand also gives the name a cool vibe.


Type is another word for brand or character/number. Characters are used to make up works, hence necessary to create names with.

Putting the word Hyper in front makes the brand stronger and more brandable.

Brands are Boring

Sounds familiar right.

Brands are Boring? Quite the opposite! But we got your attention.


01. We learn about your business
Precise listening might be our most important skill. Only with the right information we can create amazing brand names. We take an in-depth look at the information you provide us so we can get a feeling about your business and can create a profile based on the product or service, your audience and the overall market.

02. We get inspired and start brainstorming
After collecting the information we start to get inspired which in turn leads to several short brainstorming sessions. We write down every idea that comes to mind, discover new paths, have creative chats and start puzzling.

03. We evaluate the ideas and create the brand names
We evaluate the team's input, we look at every idea on the table. Then we pick the best ideas and continue to fine-tune them.

The Results
Eventually we end up with 14 names, names we believe suit your business or product best. We also explain our thoughts behind each brand name. To finalize we send the results straight to your email, all you have to do is pick your favorite.

You're in good company, we helped over 800 founders just last year. Are you next? Get started

Every business has a unique story to tell

Starting a company or developing a product requires a lot of dedication, sacrifice and hard work. You want the name of your business to reflect this energy that went into creating the brand, the name should be nothing less than perfect. You want your audience to be drawn towards the name, you want them to engage and get curious.

That's where we come in. We can help you to find a name that sets you apart from the rest and reflects the identity of your business, a name that people remember and fall in love with.

A great company name will not make your business an overnight success, it still takes hard work. However a bad company name makes becoming a successful business much harder in the first place.

Be bold, stand out.