We're a naming agency from Lisbon.

We create beautiful and catchy names for companies & products.

We create
brand names that work.©

↳ About us

Founded in 2017, B.A.B. is a naming agency with one goal in mind –  "to create company & product names that resonate with you and your audience".

A short introduction

We're a group of 7 creative individuals spread over several countries. Our headquarters is based in the colorful city of Lisbon but our brand names are created all over the world.

We're a peculiar bunch of people with a passion for branding. Most of us have been in the branding industry for over a decade. We love to make new brands come to life.

We uncomplicate the complicated

We like to keep things simple in a world as complex as it is today.

We specialize in one thing only and we (try to) master it We name companies & products. No logos, no strategy, no identity, just naming! We name tomorrow's brands.

↳ Naming service

How it works...
1. Explain your business
2. Wait 48 hours
3. Receive names

Are Brands BORING?

KIND words from clients

"Glad we asked for help"

We really needed some fresh ideas, we couldn't come up with anything interesting ourselves anymore. Brands are Boring surely delivered. Almost half of the names they gave us would work for us business.

- Julia de Rooij, The Netherlands

"Competent team & imaginative brand names"

Asking Brands are Boring for help is one of my first great decisions as a business owner, I found the perfect name for my coaching business fairly quick and could move on.

- Jordy Meddick, Australia

"A very professional and kind team"

We had a great experience using Brands are Boring's naming service. The names were spot-on and it was exciting to read through all of them.

- Daniel Baumann, Germany